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Welcome to the web presence of the Global Network for Public Theology! As a network with member institutions from all continents, we foster scholarly exchange about the contribution of Christianity to public discourse in such diverse fields as social ethics, environmental ethics, and political ethics. Research within the network focuses on the respective regional, cultural, social, and political contexts in which churches and academic theologians work in their countries and on the bearing these contexts have on theology.

Within the cycle of triennial consultations, the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Research Centre for Public Theology in Bamberg (Germany) is the host institution for the next global consultation of the network. Established in 2008 in the tradition of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who, strongly founded in Christian belief, critically and self-critically addressed the chances, dangers and deep ambiguities of church and politics in his time, the Bamberg research centre focusses on the conditions under which Christianity raises its voice in public. How can Christian theology contribute to public discourse in highly complex, religiously plural, and increasingly secular societies in Western Europe? The Bonhoeffer Centre for Public Theology is proud to be located in an academic environment which is highly conducive to research across the disciplines, with a focus on arts and humanities. Theology in Bamberg concentrates on the professional formation of future teachers, with Chairs in Protestant and in Catholic Theology, and with a Centre for Interreligious Studies.

As the Chair of the GNPT Executive Committee, it is my pleasure to invite all members and interested guests from outside the network to the upcoming consultation with the general topic: “Space and place: Theological perspectives on living in the world”. You will find all necessary details in the call for papers on this site.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wabel ▪ Chair of the Global Network for Public Theology